Our Pillars

The four fundamentals that deliver on our mission and provide a bedrock for success

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Farm to School of Park County emphasizes a hands-on, fully integrated approach to food production, nutrition, agriculture and cooking with 2YK through 5th grade curriculum fully embedded in all public schools across Livingston, Arrowhead and Gardiner. To ensure that students continue their food-based learning as they grow, we actively contribute to middle school lesson planning and engage high school and college students in a range of internships and pre-apprenticeship programs.  

We also recognize that just like taste buds differ, so do learning styles. Our team loves to mix it up when working with students, employing new ways of learning to reach the minds and hearts of children and young adults; experimenting with new tastes while gaining an appreciation for healthy food and the knowledge and confidence to prepare it at home.

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Take a look at our map and you’ll see that Farm to School manages a diverse portfolio of farm and garden space throughout the county. Our expanding network includes garden sites at every public school in Livingston, two greenhouses with aquaponics facilities, and a public-private partnership with the Pappert Family Garden. Our ⅛ acre farm, situated just outside our offices at the historic Lincoln School, is home to on-site learning for students, with the Lincoln School Community Garden right next door. Each site offers students and members of the community the opportunity to participate in programs and dig into our mission in a collaborative, hands-on environment.  

Our farms and gardens are the source of over 3,000 pounds of locally-grown food served in cafeterias and classrooms each year. We collaborate with food service directors at Park County schools to determine what crops are grown, selling student-grown produce to school districts each season at prices they can afford.  


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When it comes to the cafeteria, making smart, healthy, sustainable and low-cost choices available for both students and food service providers is at the heart of our mission.  

We work alongside schools and local food producers to deliver affordable, delicious and nutritious meals that enrich the lives of all school-age children. To amplify the presence of scratch-cooking in public schools across the county, we help food service staff to prioritize dietary composition and improve student participation and food procurement practices that support our local food economy and the environment.  

Through our efforts, we hope to influence the school food culture by increasing the quality of available foods, providing opportunities to deepen student appreciation for a range of foods while shaping healthy and nutritious food preferences, and cultivating relationships between local producers and county schools.  

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Our ability to replicate our successes time and time again is what drives organizational growth and long-term sustainability. This means an active evaluation of resource management, communications and partner cultivation, fundraising, community development and the maintenance and expansion of countywide programs.  

We are actively committed to pursuing new funding and partnership opportunities that amplify the economic health of our region, deepen our relationships in the community as we engage residents and stakeholders in our mission, and optimize personnel so as to maximize the impact of programs while achieving statewide education objectives.

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