We aim to give Park County children a strong, healthy start at school and in life. We work within local schools to provide early exposure to nutritious foods and a blueprint for healthy eating that can last a lifetime.

Pandemic Kids’ Healthy Food Fund

These funds are necessary to preserve local school meal programs, which play a critical role in the public health response to the pandemic and combatting chronic child hunger.

Enrichment Education in Schools

Our curriculum teaches kids how to grow their own food, where food comes from, what healthy food choices are, how to make and enjoy healthy snacks and meals, and crucially, the connection between smart food choices and lifelong health. Kids learn that nutritious foods taste good, and locally grown meats, fish, fruits and vegetables can add flavor and variety to their diets.

County-wide Expansion

Funded by a $100K grant from the USDA, we are customizing our support of the school meal programs in Arrowhead, Gardiner and Shields Valley.

School Meal Redesign

Beginning in 2019 we partnered with Livingston School Food Services to launch a comprehensive redesign of the K-12th grade school food experience. Families and kids can look for more kid-tested Farm to School recipes in school meals and more healthy meal options that are tasty and feature Harvest of the Month products.

Lincoln School Farm

The Lincoln School Farm is a new downtown farm where healthy food is grown for school meals and where people of all ages and abilities gain skills and find resources and tools to grow food. We pair community volunteers with local agricultural experts and summer school participants to grow food for our community’s children.

Beef to school

We serve local meat in schools to support farmers and ranchers, direct more money to the local economy and improve school meal nutrition.

Trout to Tray

Middle-school and high school students learn to raise Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout  in the schools’ aquaponics systems. The goal is to harvest the trout for school snacks and meals, while exploring the relationship between our delicate ecosystem and traditional agricultural methods.

Farm Fresh Friday

‘Farm Fresh Fridays’ feature newly developed scratch-cooked recipes on Fridays throughout the 2021/22 school year. The menu has been carefully crafted to satisfy parents and students alike. Fresh, healthy and local ingredients are incorporated to the greatest extent possible.