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Designed to improve food education, access, affordability and school meal quality for students and community members across Park County

Farm Fresh Meals

Plentiful, sensible and popular

When it comes to producing school meals made with fresh ingredients, it’s imperative that school nutrition professionals have the resources they need to deliver recipes on-time and on-budget. As part of our Farm Fresh Meals program, we work directly with Livingston nutrition professionals to develop a growing archive of menus and recipes accessible to participating schools across Park County. When all is said and done, Farm Fresh Mondays and Farm Fresh Fridays provide schoolchildren with fresh, scratch-cooked meals that prioritize ingredients grown by our partner network of Montana food producers.  


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Healthy Food Fund

Changing food systems one lunch tray at a time

Accessible to all Park County public schools, the Healthy Food Fund offsets costs for public schools as they move through the arduous process of changing purchasing habits for school meals. By incentivizing schools to make changes in local food procurement and highlighting the need for sustainable change, the Fund provides long-term savings, improved meal quality, more robust student and family participation and sustained economic growth. In addition, the Healthy Food Fund gives local food producers broader access to the school food marketplace, in turn building positive business relationships with schools and the community.


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K-12 Education

Healthy and hands-on

Farm and garden curriculum teaches children in grades K-12 where their food comes from and how to grow, prepare and enjoy their very own snacks and meals. Most important, students learn the connection between smart food choices, responsible agriculture, their lifelong health and that of the planet. Led by Farm to School educators, lessons are rooted in hands-on exploration, delivering curriculum in outdoor learning gardens in the fall and spring. Winter lessons occur in classrooms, cafeterias and school kitchens with a focus on nutrition and cooking, with summer classes situated at the Lincoln School Farm.  

Our mix of classroom and field-based learning is rooted in the Montana Harvest of the Month program in addition to FoodCorps, MSU Extension, LifeLab, Garden City Harvest and Edible School Yards. Elementary students receive a minimum of 15 hours of food and garden education each year, interacting with the program at least twice a month. High school and college students may participate through a myriad of internship and apprenticeship opportunities.  


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Learning Farms and Gardens

Seeds and smiles for miles and miles

Our countywide growing spaces are designed to benefit children and their families with hands-on outdoor education, nutritional support and community gathering space. From learning gardens and aquaponics greenhouses to our ⅛ acre farm at the Lincoln School in downtown Livingston, we manage a growing network of farms and gardens that bring our programs to life far beyond the classroom door.  These “outdoor classrooms” are an extension of school life where children learn alongside peers and staff. At the end of the day, students come home with fresh food, knowledge and taste buds, sharing their experiences and excitement for growing, consuming and recreating healthy, tasty foods with parents and family.  


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Lincoln School Community Garden

Where beets and basil band together

Ever wondered what it would be like to serve up fresh vegetables from your very own garden? Love to garden but lacking the space in your own yard? Do you just crave an excuse to trade your tomatoes for your neighbor’s squash when it comes time to harvest? Our Lincoln School Community Garden is just what you need! Each plot includes a spring composting amendment for your garden bed, water for the season and access to shared tools. Our classes are open to the public, allowing you to learn alongside fellow gardeners and Farm to School educators in a welcoming, affordable space as you grow your own food and get a taste of what Farm to School is all about! 

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Lunch in the Park

Healthy food, summer sun and buckets of fun! 

In Livingston alone, over 800 children rely on school meals throughout the academic year. During the summer months, Lunch in the Park delivers free, healthy, balanced meals to all children under 18 at a growing number of parks and school locations across Livingston. With access to a safe, welcoming, community environment, Lunch in the Park closes the gap on summer hunger, giving children year-round access to fresh, nutritious and delicious food without additional stress or costs for busy parents and families. Lunch in the Park is brought to you in cooperation with Livingston School District, Livingston Food Resource Center and the City of Livingston. 


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“I would have never guessed my child would love beet brownies!  What an enriching program that allows students to access and appreciate local foods!”

– Jason Karls, Parent

Where We Work

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Farms and gardens are where we, our students and the community come to thrive. From school gardens to free summer lunch sites, find where Farm to School of Park County is working near you and let us know how we can continue to fill the gaps.

Farms & Gardens

Park High School Plant Growth Center
Sleeping Giant Middle School Aquaponics Learning Lab & Garden
East Side Elementary School Learning Garden
B A Winans School Learning Garden
Washington Early Learning Center Learning Garden
Mark Pappert Memorial Garden
Lincoln School Farm & Community Garden
Arrowhead School Learning Garden
Gardiner School Learning Garden


Sacajawea Park
G Street/Mike Webb Park
Mars Park
Katie Bonnell Park
Green Acres Park
Reservoir Park
Park High School