Welcome to Farm to School of Park County!

Register for Farm to School Summer Camp Waitlist!

Summer Camp Waitlist Registration Form

While we are sad to not be in the classrooms, gardens and cafeterias with our students, we are planning a summer camp full of growing vegetables, cooking healthy snacks, and learning about where food comes from.  We hope camp will continue this year, and we know YOU do, too.

To save your spot, please join our waitlist.  As soon as we know for sure that we are able to safely provide camp this year, we will email you directly. Registration confirmation and payment will be required within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation email.   

Complete one form per child, please.

Contact Michal DeChellis with any questions – farmermichal@dechellis.org or 512-560-0973

Read our 2020 Spring newsletter

To deliver on our vision to put healthy, local and sustainable food on the plates and in the minds of all Park County schoolchildrenFarm to School of Park County:

  • Serves as well as partners with students and their parents to grow healthy food
  • Teams up with teachers, school cafeteria staff and district administrators to teach about healthy food and model healthy eating
  • Collaborates with and creates markets for local farmers and ranchers to present tasty, nutritious food to school children

We could not carry out our mission without the generous support of community members and donors. Thank you!

“It is a privilege to have a seat at the table in young people’s lives when they are forming their tastes and values.”  — Rachael Jones, Farm to School of Park County Executive Director, (Farmer Jones)


Healthy, local and sustainable food on the plates and in the minds of all Park County schoolchildren.


  • To create positive school food environments in classrooms, cafeteria and community
  • To improve children’s health, nutrition and academic performance
  • To stimulate local and regional economies through increased purchasing of local foods by schools
  • To provide food, health, nutrition and agriculture education
  • To instill a sense of community citizenship and connectedness in students

Through partnering with local programs, organizations and individuals, Farm to School of Park County creates widespread benefits in schools and in the community at large. We believe in and are contributing to a growing CULTURE OF HEALTH in Park County.

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